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Your finance in control

Don’t worry, be EBITWISE

EBITWISE the finance – you the growth

Your business is growing, and you notice that you don't have enough time and/or knowledge to sort out finance. Then choose EBITWISE as your financial sparring partner. We study your financial data and brainstorm with you, so you can stay focused on the growth of your company.

EBITWISE makes sure you can look back, so you know exactly what your results and margins were in the past. Together with you, we also look forward. How is your company doing, do you have enough money to invest and how do you get funding? From financial dashboarding and cashflow management to margin & cost analysis: together with the EBITWISE-experts you will know what your company needs.

  • Do we have enough money to make it to the end of this year?

  • Which product is making the most profit?

  • Can we hire more people?

Do you want these questions answered?
Don't worry, be EBITWISE



Our clients tell us EBITWISE is the expert in successfully solving financial challenges. EBITWISE is a must-have for any scale-up that cannot yet hire a full-time CFO.


EBITWISE is the go-to party for all financial tasks, ranging from the most basic questions to higher math equations.


Jasper Alblas 

Founder and CEO of Jasper Alblas

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Do you want to know what
EBITWISE can do for you?

Every business has different needs. Perhaps you only need funding support, but maybe you are looking for a solid monthly closing of the books. In an exploratory meeting we can discuss what EBITWISE can do for you.

Don't worry,
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