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This is what EBITWISE can do for you

Your business is growing, and you notice that you don't have enough time and/or knowledge to sort out the finance. Maybe you have questions like: Can we hire more people? Which product makes the most profit? Or: Do we have enough money to make it to the end of this year? Let EBITWISE help you!


Maybe you just need support with funding, or help building a finance department. But if you want more, EBITWISE can also take full responsibility for all your finance. Below, you can see all the possibilities. In consultation with you, we determine what you need. This way, EBITWISE becomes your reliable financial sparring partner, and you can focus on growing your business.

THIS is what EBITWISE excels in

EBITWISE keeps a close eye on your company's cash flow and presents it visually in a dashboard or makes it part of the reporting cycle. This way you know exactly when money is coming in and going out, and you are able to make the right decisions at the right time.

What is my turnover? Am I going to meet my budget? How productive are my people? In the financial dashboard that EBITWISE creates for you, you can see this immediately. That way, you know what the focal points for business operations should be.


What costs do you have and is your margin healthy? The margin and cost analysis that EBITWISE makes for you will answer these questions. This analysis ensures that you get the most out of your company.


Calculating the value of your business, approaching investors or making a forecast? Then your company's finance needs to be in order. EBITWISE supports your team in telling your scale-up story through compelling numbers.


Advice on subsidies and taxes or the implementation of a financial system: the financial experts at EBITWISE support you in all financial issues a CFO would take care of.


Financial systems and processes can be very complex and time-consuming. EBITWISE sorts them out, so you always have all the adequate financial information you need.

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Which means in practice:

When you choose FinOps, EBITWISE delivers the full package to grow your business: from understanding past financial data to building a solid financial foundation for the future. At a monthly fee, you'll have access to an EBITWISE controller one day a week, supported by an EBITWISE senior financial. Together, they take full responsibility for your company's finances. This package is perfect for founders who want to get their financial processes and systems in order from the start.

  • A controller and a senior financial, who take full responsibility for the numbers

  • Optimization of the finance department

  • Revenue & cost control

  • Reliable and stable figures (historic and current)

  • Determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so you can see whether your company's performance is in line with your objectives

  • Implementation of financial and operational dashboards

  • Coached sales meetings

  • Cashflow forecasting and scenario planning

  • Budget preparation and forecasting

  • Research on grants and tax opportunities

"Our FinOps controller and senior financial are part-time present, but full-time involved"

Administrative services

In conjunction with FinOps, EBITWISE also offers administrative services such as cost accounting, project accounting (including invoicing), help with debt collection, bank and credit card transactions, and other accounting work. This is based on an hourly rate.

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Nina Sickenga, Founder MOSS

CFO Services

Do you have a specific problem in your financial process, or do you need good financial advice? EBITWISE identifies the problem with you and your team, and finds a solution. We then make sure it is implemented successfully. This is based on an hourly rate.

  • Assisting with funding and valuation

  • Negotiating with suppliers

  • Legal assistance

  • International roll-out

  • Specialized dashboarding

  • Building the financial department


Let EBITWISE take care of your finance,
so you can focus on growing your business.

Don't worry,
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